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Meet The Team

Context and perspective in the fake news era

Nobias was founded in 2017 with a mission to promoting responsible/inclusive technology to protect consumers from deceptive or misleading content on the internet. Along the way, we hope to help people understand the landscape of media bias and to give them the power over the algorithms that shape what they read and see online.


Tania Ahuja — Founder and CEO

Tania Ahuja is Founder and CEO of Nobias and is Head of US Operations for Arkera Inc.

She is a former director of Citigroup and serves on the Board of Overseers at Stern School of Business, NYU. Additionally, she sits on the board of other learning and art organizations including the Center of Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania, Salome Chamber Orchestra, The Paper Bag Players, and is Chairman of the Board for the Summit Music Festival.

Tania holds a a PhD in Finance from Stern School of Business, New York University. She has a BS in Statistics and an MS in Operations Research.

Anant Goel — Chief Technology Officer

Anant Goel leads our software development efforts at Nobias. He had previously co-founded Fib, where he used machine learning to verify facts and received the Google Moonshot award. He’s also worked as a machine learning engineer for projects at NASA and helped run The Anvil, a startup incubator, which has helped scale student companies to million dollar valuations.

Anant has a BS in Computer Science from Purdue University.


Shinichi Urano — Chief Technology Advisor

Shinichi Urano is the Chief Technology Advisor at Nobias.

Shinichi started out his career as a theoretical Physicist and has published in various leading journals including the prestigious Physical Review Letters. He has since become a technologist and an entrepreneur, and has over ten years of experience in various leadership roles in start-up organizations. During this time, Shinichi has co-authored five patents in areas related to infrastructure automation and virtualization. Shinichi brings tremendous practical knowledge and experience in technology and in leading engineering teams to Nobias.

Shinichi has a Ph.D. in Physics from Texas A&M University.


Sudip Gupta — Chief Data Science Advisor

Sudip Gupta is the Chief Data Science Advisor at Nobias and a faculty in the finance area at the Gabelli School of Business of Fordham University.

Previous faculty positions include Indiana University, New York University, University of Maryland and the Indian School of Business. His research and consulting areas include auctions, financial derivatives, industrial organization, IPOs, M&A and risk management. He has served as a consulting expert to various international organizations and regulatory authorities in various antitrust and financial litigations.

Sudip has a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Boris DeSouza — Head of User Interface

Boris DeSouza is the Head of User Interface and User Experience at Nobias and the Head of Engineering at Braintree.

Boris has an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Nicholas Gonzalez — Software Engineer

Nicholas Gonzalez is a Software Engineer at Nobias responsible for the extension.

He is a Technical Lead at Headspace. At Snap, Nicholas was a senior software engineer and developed the Snap Kit Developer Portal, On-Demand Geofilters and Lenses (, and various internal web apps and code packages.

Nicholas has a BS in Computer Science from Yale University.

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David Idol — Software Engineer

David Idol is a Software Engineer at Nobias responsible for the extension.

David has interned at IBM, Google, and True Ventures TEC. After getting banned from Xbox Live for reverse engineering proprietary Xbox data formats, he was hired by Microsoft to join Xbox Live as a software engineer full time. David later migrated to Snap and was one of three engineers to build and launch the sponsored geofilters product at Snap. Currently David works on Snap Kit as well as the newly-launched Snap Games product.

David has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Yuri Ahuja — Data Scientist

Yuri Ahuja is a Data Scientist at Nobias responsible for the article level bias algorithm.

After rotations in the Harvard Biomedical Informatics and MIT Computer Science departments, he is pursuing his MD in general medicine and a PhD in Biostatistics at Harvard University predominantly interested in designing better models using electronic medical record data with the goal of enhancing medical decision support to revolutionize personalized medicine.

Yuri has a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University and is pursuing an MD/PhD at Harvard Medical School

Vitaly Borzenkov - Engineer + Data Scientist

Vitaly Borzenkov is a Data Science Consultant at Nobias and a Quantitative Analyst at TransMarketGroup.  

Vitaly has a BS in Probability/Statistics and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego, and an MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Amalia Halikias — PR Consultant and Lead Writer

Amalia Halikias is PR consultant and Lead Writer at Nobias where she works on writing, marketing, and public relations projects and is responsible for Spotlight.

She has worked for a number of political races, most recently as the Policy Director on the Josh Hawley for US Senate campaign. She also has experience in public relations and ghostwriting, and is the co-author of Liberty Lane: A Conservative Children's Book Series. In her free time, Amalia enjoys watching Netflix and eating as many dumplings as humanly possible.

Amalia has a BA in Political Science from Yale University.

Jinghui Zhou — Data Scientist

Jinghui Zhou is a Data Scientist at Nobias where she mainly takes charge of data processing and algorithm research using NLP and machine learning.

She is a Finance Validation Intern at Numerix, and is pursuing an MS in Quantitative Finance at Fordham University.

Jinghui has a BE in Economics from Peking University and her BS in Physics and Material from Renmin University of China.


Saranya Vijayakumar — Data Scientist

Saranya Vijayakumar is a Data Scientist at Nobias, and is an Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Previously, she has worked as a Data Analyst at Columbia Law School and interned at Booz Allen Hamilton, DodeEd, and Columbia University

Saranya has a BS in Computer Science and Government from Harvard University.

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Katy Trost — Content Writer

Katy Trost is the Content Writer focusing on marketing at Nobias and a Professional Certified Coach through the Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching (IPEC), ACC accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a contributor to Forbes Magazine. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Success Magazine, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, ‘The Best You Magazine, Best Self Magazine, Thought Catalog, and other publications. Additionally, she has partnered with companies such as WeWork and Techhub to lead trainings on the topics of entrepreneurship and personal & professional development.

Born and raised in Germany, she has traveled for four years and is now based in New York.

Avni Ahuja — Engineer Intern

Avni Ahuja is an intern in Engineering at Nobias working on web development and user interface design.

Previously, she has interned at Microsoft through Girls Who Code and worked on data analysis at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science 

Avni is pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Pennsylvania

Spot — Mascot

Spot is the team Mascot at Nobias. A faithful companion to everyone who uses Google Chrome or Firefox, Spot helps users spot bias and discerns credibility.

This protective and loyal pup will place a helpful paw print by your articles so you're always informed before you click. That protectiveness comes from Spot's ancestors; back when firefighters arrived in horse-drawn carriages, Dalmatians like Spot would run ahead to warn bystanders of the oncoming carriages and then guard the horses as the fires were put out.

Spot holds a Master's degree in Bias Barking from Who Let The Dogs Out University.