Iowa Poll Shows Buttigieg in Third Behind Biden and Warren

Brynn Anderson / AP

Brynn Anderson / AP


We ran the numbers: There are 659 news articles covering this topic. 61% (401) are left leaning, 34% (226) center, 5% (32) right leaning.

According to a new poll of voters in Iowa, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now in third place in the Democratic primary race, following Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Left-leaning articles on Buttigieg’s rise focus on the possibility of progressives like Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar breaking into the top three, while right-leaning sources critically consider the Buttigieg campaign and centrist sources discuss the effect of the most recent debate on Buttigieg’s rise.

There was relatively little coverage of the new polling numbers from the right. Instead, a right-leaning article from the Washington Examiner reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in contact with the Buttigeig campaign to recommend people for staff positions on the campaign. According to the article, two of the people recommended by Zuckerberg have been hired on Buttigieg’s staff. Despite this assistance, Zuckerberg has not yet made an endorsement for president.

A left-leaning article from Politico considers Buttigieg’s rise in light of last week’s Democratic debate, noting that Klobuchar has also gained momentum in fundraising since the debate. The article notes, “The events mark the first moment since Biden entered the 2020 primary that other moderates sense a real opportunity to cut into the former vice president’s support, which has largely blocked them out of the top of the race.” According to the article, Buttigieg has said that he is the right choice for voters who are not trying to vote for the leftmost candidate or the candidate with the most number of years in Washington.

A centrist summary from The Hill focuses on reporting the new poll numbers, which show Biden leading at 18 percent support, followed by Elizabeth Warren with 17 percent, and Buttigieg with 13 percent. Bernie Sanders, who had previously been in the top three, had only 9 percent support. A longer centrist article from USA Today also notes that Biden is faltering after a debate that polled viewers considered to be disappointing; the article suggests that the top tier of the polls may be up for grabs in Iowa as a result.