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This month in review: the latest roundup from the presidential race.

Biden maintained this top ranking of media coverage this week, but Pete Buttigieg notably spiked in the rankings from 7th to 4th–just after Elizabeth Warren–and Amy Klobuchar plummeted from 5th to 9th (last).

This week, the candidates went down to Iowa for the Iowa State Fair. The unscientific poll has not been an entirely accurate predictor of caucus success, “but the state plays an undeniably pivotal role in winnowing the field: Placing lower than third here has proved fatal to nearly every campaign in modern history. And on the Democratic side, seven of the past nine winners in Iowa have gone on to secure their party’s nomination,” according to a left leaning article on the topic.

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Reflecting the spike in media coverage, Buttigieg swept 17% of the kernel votes–second only to Biden with 28%. According to a left-leaning Politico article, “the 37-year-old mayor has yet to snag a single in-state endorsement in Iowa, and while his campaign has 57 staffers on the ground, it expanded to that number only recently. It’s a sharp contrast to other top Democratic candidates, who made investments in Iowa last winter to try to identify supporters and build a foundation for 2020, knowing the results here will shape the rest of the fight for the Democratic nomination.” Despite his late start, “the national enthusiasm Buttigieg attracted has popped in Iowa, too.”

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In contrast, Amy Klobuchar has seemingly dropped off the media coverage radar. While Klobuchar gained traction earlier this month after qualifying for the third debates, she has since not announced any new policies and polled at 3% in the Iowa State Fair Kernel Poll–neither notably high nor low. Read more about Amy Klobuchar.