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This month in review: the latest roundup from the presidential race.

Biden maintained his top rank in media coverage this week, but Kamala Harris notably spiked in the rankings from 8th to 4th. She was dubbed the “scariest would-be opponent for President Trump’s re-election bid” by a former Trump campaign official.

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According to a right-leaning Fox News article, “Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was the scariest would-be opponent for President Trump's re-election bid, one of the president's top campaign officials has reportedly said.”

“‘The one who scares me the most in the general is Kamala Harris,’ the official said. Described by The Washington Times as a "key player" in Trump's campaign, the official said Harris was the "least flawed" Democratic hopeful in the crowded field of presidential aspirants, ‘The top candidates are all flawed candidates, but the least flawed is Kamala Harris,’ the official reportedly said.”

A centrist article from Forbes reports, “On Thursday, August 29, presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris announced her plan for Americans with disabilities. The plan focuses on employment through education and social programs.

According to her campaign, Harris is the only candidate in the 2020 presidential race with a plan that exclusively focuses on people with disabilities. The proposal outlines different laws and agency programs that seek to expand employment opportunities.”

However, reception from the other side is mixed. In contrast with the glowing articles from the right and center, a left-leaning article from the Washington Post writes, Black voters are 'seeing through' Kamala Harris on law enforcement record… Harris' record as a prosecutor, which her campaign sees as a general election asset if she can make it that far, has previously garnered criticism from Democratic rivals. During the second Democratic debate in July, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard cited blemishes on Harris' prosecutorial record, including the fact that as San Francisco district attorney her office put 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations.”