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This month in review: the latest roundup from the presidential race.

Biden maintained his top rank in media coverage this week, but Andrew Yang has climbed from 8th to 5th since speaking in New Hampshire and announcing is $4.9 trillion 5-pronged climate change proposal.

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Andrew Yang has been known as a candidate with unique ways to utilize government funds such as his famous plan of instating a universal basic income. Yesterday, while most candidates did focus on addressing climate change considering the coming hurricane Dorian, Yang was specific in how he plans to allocate the funds. He issued his $4.9 trillion 5-pronged climate change proposal: 1. building a sustainable economy transitioned to renewable energy, 2. investing in American innovation and technology to power the world, 3. moving coastal communities to higher ground, 4. using geo-engineering to reverse the damage, and 5. passing a constitutional amendment on environmental stewardship.

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