Media Coverage of 2020 Presidential Candidates

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This month in review: the latest roundup from the presidential race.

Biden maintained his top rank in media coverage this week, but with the rise in media coverage of the possible impeachment, Tom Steyer, an early staunch advocate, has risen in media coverage to 4th place.

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Tom Steyer was recently the 11th candidate to qualify for the October debates–resulting in a slight spike earlier this month. However, what drove interest in his campaign is related to the week’s biggest topic: a Trump Impeachment. Even before announcing his campaign, Steyer led an impeachment campaign which led Trump to call him “wacky & totally unhinged,” an insult that also put Steyer in the public eye–paving the way for his candidacy. Now that impeachment has reached the house and is at the forefront of Pelosi’s agenda, media coverage on the topic has featured Tom Steyer as an early force–driving interest in his campaign among democrats who support the impeachment.