Warren, Biden Gear up for Round Three of Democratic Debates

Erin Schaff/The New York Times

Erin Schaff/The New York Times


We ran the numbers: There are 419 news articles covering this topic. 58% (241) are left leaning, 32% (135) center, 10% (43) right leaning.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden are gearing up for the third Democratic debate set to take place Thursday night in Houston. The two presidential hopefuls are predicted by many to be the last two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, making the third debate all the more important for both campaigns. 

The latest poll conducted by The LA Times shows that Democratic voters view the political stance of both Warren and Biden as relatively close to their while regarding Bernie Sanders views as considerably further to the left. 

Additionally, the poll showed that Democrats see Biden as slightly more conserative than themselves while Warren is slightly more liberal. 

These findings indicate that, as more Democratic candidates drop out of the race, Biden and Warren may be the two likeliest destinations for undecided voters. This indication has sparked nationwide anticipation from both the news media and everyday citizens ahead of the third debate on Thursday night.

Right-leaning sources tended to offer predictions of what will come from the third Democratic debate, with most deciding it will be a night filled with combat and carnage for those featured on stage. The Washington Times said that “...unlike last time’s overcrowded two-night trainwreck, this debate will be a still-slightly overcrowded one-night trainwreck.” In addition to highlighting what may happen on the stage Thursday night, right-leaning sources also offered criticisms of the requirements necessary to earn a spot on stage in Houston -- 2% in four qualifying polls and at least 130,000 unique donors. 

Centrist sources like USA Today highlighted the importance of the third debate in Houston as the first time that all top-10 candidates will be featured on the same stage. These center-leaning sources tended to touch on what each candidate needs to accomplish. Political strategists say that frontrunner Joe Biden “doesn’t have to win these debates, he just can’t lose.” While top-tier candidates like Biden, Sanders, and Warren are expected to simply tread water, USA Today expects the “fireworks to be launched by those candidates who need to do more, the lower pooling candidates who are desperate for that breakout moment to elevate their struggling campaigns.”

Sources from the left highlighted the stark differences between frontrunner Joe Biden and one of his most fierce challengers, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. These differences coupled with the amount of support drawn by the two candidates has created sky-high anticipation for Thursday night’s debate, according to sources like The New York Times. The Times reported that, “A strong night for Ms. Warren could further propel her already-accelerating campaign both nationally and especially in Iowa…” In addition, it was also cited that, due to his status as the frontrunner, Biden has little to gain and everything to lose if he puts in a subpar performance on Thursday night. 

As the Democratic debates hold more importance for Democrats than Republicans, it’s no surprise that the news coverage surrounding the debate has largely come from the left. Of the 419 news pieces presented, 58% (241) comes from left-leaning sources, 32% (135) from centrist sources, and 10% (43) from right-leaning sources.