Democratic Candidates Take the Iowa State Fair

Mike Theiler/UPI

Mike Theiler/UPI


We ran the numbers: There are 866 news articles covering this topic. 63% (543) are left leaning, 32% (275) center, 6% (48) right leaning.

This week the annual Iowa State Fair took place in Des Moines, and it presented an opportunity for the Democratic candidates seeking the 2020 presidential nomination to meet, greet, and eat with the voters of the nation’s first caucus state. The presidential hopefuls spoke from the soapbox to a record-breaking crowd of nearly 800 reporters and photographers. The state fair is considered to be the time when Iowans start narrowing down their choice of candidates and have the opportunity to speak with them face-to-face.

A left-leaning article from the Washington Post hones in on the fact that the state fair was a chance for many of the lower-polling candidates to get their names and faces out there before the Iowa primary. “For Klobuchar and other Democrats stuck near the bottom of the polls in a historically large field, the Iowa State Fair offered one of the brightest spotlights of the election contest so far, outside of the debates.” The article also notes that low-polling candidate Andrew Yang was followed by a crowd of journalists not much smaller than the one that had followed top-poller Joe Biden the previous day.

Centrist coverage from NPR focuses on Kamala Harris’s effort to use the state fair as a way to present herself as a strong choice for the nomination. An NPR correspondent said of Harris “So she's gotten a lot of attention and interest from Democrats, but she hasn't cemented herself as their top choice… She approached this visit to Iowa as a way to really show that she's a serious contender.”

A right-leaning article from the Real Clear Politics features an interview with Presidential son Eric Trump on "FOX & Friends". In it, Trump talks of his father’s victory in the Iowa State Fair's corn kernel poll and “accuses the media of bias for only reporting about the Democrats…‘They only show the Democrats. They won’t show Trump’s bowl, which is overflowing. It is sick that that has to be narrative in this country and no one can even talk about it unless somebody comes over with a phone and snaps a picture because they happen to be a supporter, and it ends up going viral.’”