New Poll Finds Warren Closing in on Front Runner Biden

Erin Schaff/The New York Times

Erin Schaff/The New York Times


We ran the numbers: There are 533 news articles covering this topic. 22% (115) are left leaning, 60% (318) center, 19% (100) right leaning.

A new poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal finds that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) is closing in on former Vice President Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Following the third debate last week, the poll shows Biden capturing 31% of primary voters with Warren following closely behind at 25%. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders collected 14% and was the only other candidate to capture double-digit numbers. 

In addition to gaining percentage points in the polls, Warren is also seeing a rise in popularity. The NBC/WSJ poll also shows that 70% of those polled said they are “enthusiastic about or comfortable with” Warren while only 64% said the same about Biden. 

The main takeaway from this most recent poll is that, while Biden’s numbers have been more or less stagnant, Warren’s numbers have increased substantially from previous polls. 

Despite the topic’s focus on one specific political party, the news coverage surrounding it came largely from the center. 

Of the 533 news pieces analyzed, 115 (22%) of them originated from the left, 317 (59%) from the center, and 100 (19%) from the right. 

Left-leaning sources such as the Washington Post highlighted that the new poll sheds light both on Warren’s rise in the polls as well as Sanders’ plateau.  The Post reports that in July Warren trailed Biden in the overall race and when first and second choices were combined. But now, Warren is “the first or second pick of 45 percent of respondents.” That is significant because it suggests that “if other candidates stumble, drop out or (later on) lose, Warren will gain more support than other candidates.” 

Centrist sources like The Hill  focused on a different poll regarding how the Democratic candidates are doing in Iowa, one of the key battleground states for any presidential hopeful. The Hill reports that both Biden and Warren are producing similar, and strong, numbers in the early stages while other high-profile candidates like Senators Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Kamala Harris (Calif.) are starting to fade. The article also highlights that more voters see Warren “in a positive light, 84 percent, than any other Democratic candidate.” 

Sources from the right like the Daily Caller, while touching on Biden and Warren’s consistently high numbers, focused on former Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s stagnant polling numbers amidst his push to ban semi-automatic rifles. The Daily Caller reports that O’Rourke “struggled to maintain 2% of the vote” in the NBC/WSJ poll, an insignificant rise from the 1% he pulled in the previous poll in July.