Biden Expands Lead in 2020 Democratic Field




We ran the numbers: There are 1778 news articles covering this topic. 28% (496) are left leaning, 44% (784) center, 28% (498) right leaning.

According to a new CNN poll, former vice president Joe Biden has put even more space between him and his nearest competitors. Biden now has the support of 29% of Democrat and Democratic-leaning voters, giving him a double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders (15%) and Elizabeth Warren (14%). His supporters tend to be Democrats (rather than independents), older, and more moderate or conservative (rather than liberal). This poll also qualified Julian Castro for the third round of Democratic debates in September, as it allowed him to hit the required 2% mark.

A left-leaning article from CNN broke down the details of the poll, including the demographics of Biden’s supporters, their reasons for supporting him, and the standing of the other candidates in the race. For instance, younger voters believe that it is important to nominate a candidate who aligns with them ideologically, while older voters are more focused on simply selecting a candidate who can defeat Trump. Left-leaning sources report on Biden’s lead and also note that, as Warren and Sanders are polling so closely, they will need to come into direct competition at some point.

A right-leaning op ed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News argues that despite his significant lead, Biden’s campaign is  “not a real campaign,” but rather riding the coattails of Biden’s relationship with President Obama. Biden’s famous gaffes, Carlson suggests, will eventually catch up with him. “Still, if Biden were offering something real, a compelling message, he could get elected anyway,” he writes. “But he is not. He is, in fact, a Democratic fossil. He is running for leadership of a party that sees him as too male, too pale and stale.” Right-leaning articles in general question how Biden is so far in the lead when his abilities are often being questioned.

Centrist coverage of the new poll from The Hill is very straightforward, repeating many of the demographic insights found by CNN. Like the CNN article, the Hill article also notes that the only other candidate to experience a significant change in polling since June is Kamala Harris, whose support dropped to 5% from 17% in the months since her strong performance at the first Democratic debate.