Recent Poll Shows Trump Trailing by Double Digits

Evan Vucci/AP

Evan Vucci/AP


We ran the numbers: There are 661 news articles covering this topic. 32% (214) are left leaning, 52% (345) center, 15% (102) right leaning.

A recent poll conducted by ABC and the Washington Post shows President Trump trailing former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden by a double digit margin. 

The poll also has Trump trailing four other top-tier democratic candidates -- Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigeig -- by margins of 6 to 12 percentage points.

MSN News reports that the findings of the poll are closely linked to economic concerns. The poll has Biden leading 70%-20% among Americans who think a recession is coming and posts similar numbers for American concerned about the U.S.-China trade dispute.

In response, the Washington Post reports that President Trump called the poll a “suppression” poll and inaccurately asserted that the Post-ABC poll in 2016 “predicted” he would lose the 2016 race by 15 points.

The news coverage surrounding the release of this latest poll and others like it has been rather equal, with a slight lean to the left. Of the 661 news pieces presented, 32% (214) came from the left, 52% (345) from the center, and 15% (102) from the right. 

For right-leaning sources the attention was focused less on Trump trailing in recent polls and instead highlighted Democratic shortcomings heading into the 2020 election. The Daily Caller reported Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security Secretary, saying that if Democrats do not change their stance on immigration, it may cost them the election in 2020. Johnson identifies as a Democrat but “suggested that the positions taken by many Democratic presidential contenders do not appeal to a wide consensus of Americans”, according to The Daily Caller.

Centrist sources like NPR, which recently conducted its own poll, focused on the overall popularity of candidates in the 2020 election. This poll found that, while Elizabeth Warren is on the rise with Democrats,  both the Democratic candidates and the president are “lukewarm” with the general electorate in terms of favorability. NPR reports that despite all metrics published in their poll, “more Americans think Trump will win reelection (46%) than lose (37%).”

Sources from the left like the Washington Post, who jointly conducted a poll with ABC, have focused on the results of their poll as well as the response given by President Trump. Following its release, Trump called it a “suppression” poll and inaccurately asserted that the Post-ABC poll in 2016 “predicted” he would lose the 2016 race by 15 points. The Washington Post also reported that its poll is not the only one that suggests impending trouble for the president, citing a new Quinnipiac poll showing that 48% of voters in Texas would “definitely not” vote for him with only 35% saying they would.