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Elizabeth Warren

The senator announced her candidacy for president on February 9th, 2019, and has since coined her campaign with the slogan “Persist. I have a plan for that.”


Elizabeth Warren is a current US Senator from Massachusetts and former law professor at several universities, including the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. Warren served as an advisor to President Barack Obama on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she helped establish, from 2010-2011. The senator announced her candidacy for president on February 9th, 2019, and has since coined her campaign with the slogan “Persist. I have a plan for that.” 


On January 24, 2019, Warren announced her plan for an Ultra-Millionaire Tax. The plan would tax the richest 75,000 households in America, with a 2 percent tax on wealth exceeding $50 million and a 3 percent tax on wealth exceeding $1 billion. Warren intends to use this money to fund several of her other proposals such as Universal Childcare, provide student debt relief, and make down payments on the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Warren has labeled herself as a Democrat capitalist. She believes that markets are valuable only under a certain amount of regulation. Her campaign aims to achieve this regulation through her Accountable Capitalism Act, which would let workers elect 40 percent of their company’s board members. Warren, much like other progressive Democrats, supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

Warren remains a staunch critic of American election administration, and has taken several stances on its various issues. The senator wishes to create a constitutional amendment to protect the right to vote for everyone, essentially abolishing disenfranchisement. She also believes that big money should stay out of politics and aspires to disband donations from PACs and Super PACS. Warren has also integrated her stance on PAC and super PAC donations into her campaign.

Warren’s crime plan entails large prison and criminal justice reform. If elected president, the senator would like to ban private prisons, enforce community policing, and demilitarize the current police force. She believes that marijuana should be decriminalized, and that America should abolish the death penalty. 

Elizabeth Warren is known for being one of the key proponents for progressive education policy.  In 2017, she supported a bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders to eliminate tuition for many students attending a public college. As a candidate, Warren supports tuition free public college and would like to cancel $50,000 of debt for anyone with a household income of less than $100,000. Additionally, Warren would like to put $50 billion toward supporting historically black colleges and universities. 

When it comes to environmental policy, Warren supports funding renewable energy and believes that the US needs to cut back on its reliance on oil and gas. During the course of her time as a senator, Warren has signed onto several letters criticizing Republicans’ environmental policy decisions, including President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement. In March 2019, Warren became a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, and has integrated its funding into her other plans. The senator also opposes and wishes to ban oil fracking. After Governor Jay Inslee dropped out of the primary race, Warren adopted his extremely progressive climate plan, committing to 100 percent clean energy, building, and transportation by 2030. She has also pledged to phase out nuclear energy by 2035.

Warren has been a supporter of progressive health care policy since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, and has proposed even further steps to lower the price of healthcare and prescription drugs. To do so, Warren would allow the US to make generic drugs and negotiate its drug prices. Warren believes that there should be few limits, if any, on abortions. 

Warren believes that there is a need for major foreign policy reform. According to Warren, “Washington’s foreign policy today serves the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of everyone else.” Warren will oppose Trump’s NAFTA 2.0, in order to improve conditions for working families. On June 26, 2019, the senator also released her plan to expand the state department. Warren believes that the size of the Pentagon has led to too much military action, which is why she wishes to expand the state department and strengthen diplomacy. In her plan, Warren wrote, “Our foreign policy should not be run out of the Pentagon. Under a Warren administration, it won’t be.” Additionally, the senator says she will cut the defense budget and instead focus on strengthening America’s ties with its allies.

According to ABC News, Warren says she “values the rights of ‘law-abiding citizens’ to own guns.” However, she is also a strong proponent for gun law reform. Warren supports a ban on assault weapons, as well as universal background checks. Warren recently told MSNBC that as president, “she would use the power of the office in areas like background checks and gun violence research.” 


Overall Media Coverage

Overall Media Coverage

Warren has been leading the polls in Iowa with a 28% approval rating followed by Sanders and Biden at 17%.

Warren has been neck-and-neck with Sanders in media coverage and notably surpassed Sanders to the second ranking on July 29th. This might be due to her announcement to 'negotiate trade deals more openly’ – noting that she would limit her deals to nations that have signed the Paris climate accord and meet “sweeping environmental, human rights and labor standards.” “‘Trade can be a powerful tool to help working families but our failed pro-corporate agenda has used trade to harm American workers and the environment,’ Warren said in a Medium post announcing her idea. “My plan represents a new approach to trade — one that uses America’s leverage to boost American workers and raise the standard of living across the globe’,” an article from the Washington Post writes.