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Know What You're Unfolding
Nobias tells you the political bias and credibility of any news article before you read it.
Finally, an answer to biased news.

Hover over Spot's paw prints to see the political bias and credibility before you even click. 

Nobias gives you back control of the news you want to read. The more you use it, the better trained Google and Facebook's algorithms will be at diversifying your news feed to help you form a well-read perspective on current affairs. 

The smart way to consume news.

Be aware of what you read, like, and share. 


Install in Seconds

Takes just two clicks and
is 100% free

Read as Usual

We'll insert informative paw prints wherever you read your news

Save Time

Our credibility and bias information saves you research time


Ensure you're not reading any fake news.

Digital Citizen

Be an informed digital citizen, cognizant of what you're sharing with your friends.


Balance your consumption of left and right news.

What are you waiting for?