Open your mind.

Know what you’re unfolding. Nobias provides insights on any online article before you read it. These insights include: the various biases of the article along with the credibility of the author and the source to keep fake news in check.

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It only takes seconds to get Nobias up and running on your Chrome browser — just visit the Google Chrome Web Store.


Look for the small Nobias icon next to the links in Google Search and Facebook’s News Feed. These icons tell you the bias and credibility of the article you are about to read.


Dive into the data and explore the readability, credibility, and political bias of most news sources and articles.

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Burst Your Virtual Filter Bubble

Nobias is a tool which determines biases and credibility of articles and detects fake news to let people control the information they consume.

Our Chrome extension bursts your filter bubble and gives you control of your “media diet.” It’s like fitbit for news.  We combine reliable data from LexisNexis with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms so you can make better decisions about what news you read and share. In a world where truthiness and transparency matter more than ever, we give you both.

Online content is labeled on credibility and readability as well as on political, economic, mainstream and gender-related biases.


The promise of the internet is being subverted

Google, Facebook and other social media outlets use computer algorithms to feed you “personalized” news you are more likely to consume. Problem is these algorithms aren’t clear, use limited information, create bias, reward junky clickbait, and ultimately wrap you in a “filter bubble”. You wouldn’t eat junk food all day and consider that a healthy diet. We burst that bubble and help you understand your media diet, but you make the decision about what you let your mind “eat.”