Open your mind.

Know what you’re unfolding. Nobias provides insights on any online article before you read it. These insights include: the various biases of the article along with the reliability of the author and the source to keep fake news in check.

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It only takes seconds to get Nobias up and running on your Chrome browser — just visit the Google Chrome Web Store.


Look for the small Nobias icon next to the links you see.  These icons will tell you about the bias of the article you are about to read.


Dive into the data and explore the readability, reliability, and political bias of most news articles.

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Burst Your Virtual Filter Bubble

Nobias is a tool which determines biases and reliability of articles and detects fake news to let people control the intellectual input they consume.

Used as a Chrome extension, it has the mission to help individuals and organizations burst their’ “virtual filter bubble and give them control of their interaction with AI algorithms as they consciously decide if they want to read and share certain articles.

Online content is labeled on reliability and readability as well as on political, racial, economic, mainstream and gender-related biases.


The promise of the internet is being subverted

Personalization Algorithms have ushered in the era of the Filter Bubble. For every media consumer, there is a Filter Bubble working to trap that consumer’s attention. Today, these Algorithms are opaque and work on limited input - enhancing biases and rewarding click bait. Opening that baseless tabloid article, leads your algorithm to think you value sensational articles rather than hard-hitting news... a result reputable sources are scarce and consumers are each left with an ever narrowing point of view.