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Fix Your Newsfeed

Know what you’re unfolding. Nobias provides insights on any online article before you read it wherever you read it. We gives you context about the news you read, to help you control the algorithms that shape what you read and see online.

These insights include the various biases of the article along with the credibility of the author and the site to keep fake news in check. You can see our insights right in your browser in Google Search and News, your Facebook news feed and your favourite newspaper online. With Nobias you can be selective of what you read and be aware of other perspectives to develop your own unique point of view. Take back control of your media diet and through a more informed interaction with personalization algorithms, you can fix your newsfeed.



Install the Nobias plugin in Google Chrome with just one click.


As you explore news on Google’s search engine and social media feeds like Facebook, you’ll see the Nobias icon next to news links. Hover over the icon for readability, credibility, and political bias of the article before you click.


With Nobias you can ensure that you read articles knowing their credibility and leaning of the article as well as of your media diet. Burst your filter bubble. Influence what you see and share online.


Burst Your Virtual Filter Bubble

Our Chrome extension bursts your filter bubble and gives you control of your “media diet.” It’s like a fitbit for news.  We combine reliable data from LexisNexis with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms so you can make better decisions about what news you read and share.

In a world where truthiness and transparency matter more than ever, we give you both. Online content is labeled on credibility and readability as well as on political, economic, mainstream and gender-related biases.


Unlock Additional Features

Sign-up* to unlock additional features including article level bias and credibility on Google’s search engine and Facebook social media feed as well as on selected news sites. Also included are a reader history digest to see how your news has leaned in the past 7 days, and the ability to agree/disagree with Nobias leaning.

Articles from a site may often lean differently** from the site - in fact more than 30% of news articles on most sites are observed to be "center" .i.e. exhibit no leanings. Credibility at the article level also considers information on the author and includes information on whether the author is an award winning author as well as the Lexis Nexis rank of their employer.

You’ll be able to see the bias and credibility of articles directly in your Google and Facebook feed, and within the news sites of the following select national and regional newspapers:

Austin American * Boston Herald * Breitbart * CNN * DailyNews(NewYork) * Dallas Morning News * FoxNews * Long Island * New York Post * New York Times * Newsday * RealClear Politics * Star Tribune(Minneapolis) * Tampa Bay Times * The Washington Post * The Washington Times

Are we missing your news site? Email us at and we will add it.


(*) At Sign-up we only ask for your email, no credit card information is collected. We limit the data collected to only the things required to make our features work. We take special care not to collect personal data, browser history, or browsing habits.

(**) Articles for which we do not have enough information to calculate article slant we include the source slant.

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