Supreme Court allows Trump Asylum Restrictions to Take Effect

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Carolyn Kaster/AP


We ran the numbers: There are 424 news articles covering this topic. 30% (127) are left leaning, 34% (146) center, 36% (151) right leaning.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court granted a request from the Trump administration to enforce a new rule on asylum restrictions for immigrants on the U.S.’ southern border. 

The new rule requires most immigrants seeking asylum to first seek it in a third country which they traveled through on their way to the US -- i.e. immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, etc. would be required to seek safe haven in Mexico before the US. 

According to Reuters, the rule would “bar almost all immigrants from applying for asylum at the southern border.” Of the nine Supreme Court justices, only Sonia Sotomoyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- both well-known liberals -- dissented. 

This recent action from the Trump administration is only the latest measure in their attempt to curb immigration at the southern border.  This highly partisan issue drew almost equal news coverage from the left, right, and center. 

Left-leaning sources such as the Washington Post focused on the effects of the new rule, being that it “would all but slam the door on those seeking refuge in the United States.” Doris Meissner, who ran the U.S. immigration system under the Clinton administration, said, “Its broad purpose is to further reduce and almost eliminate the ability to apply in the United States for asylum.” According to the Post, Meissner also said that, under the new rule, Mexico is the only realistic alternative for individuals serious about asylum.

Centrist sources like NPR highlighted both sides of the issue while also stating that the Supreme Court has yet to justify its reasoning. Covering both sides, NPR mentioned that immigrant advocates were both disheartened and disappointed while the Trump administration is “pleased the Supreme Court has ruled our Administration can implement important, needed fixes to the broken asylum system.” Additionally, NPR reported that in its ruling the court “did not explain the reasoning for its decision.” 

Sources from the right, characterized by Fox News, reported that the recent ruling represents a “major win” for Trump’s administration. However, Fox News also said that  while the ruling is a big deal for Trump and his supporters, it only allows the policy to take effect while the case makes its way through lower courts -- it is not a final ruling. But the Trump camp has a reason for optimism as the case is now headed back to the 9th Circuit, which, according to Fox News, has been radically transformed by “Trump's push to nominate conservative judges and bypass traditional consultations with Senate Democrats.”