Trump Gets Booed at World Series Game 5

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We ran the numbers: There are 709 news articles covering this topic. 27% (193) are left leaning, 50% (354) center, 23% (162) right leaning.

President Trump attended the fifth game of the World Series at Nationals Park on Sunday, where he was booed after he was shown on the big screen. Left- and center-leaning sources tend to report on the behavior of the crowd at the baseball game, while right-leaning sources tend to focus on the subsequent criticism of the crowd.

A left-leaning CNN article reports that the president and first lady were sitting in a suite behind home plate with several Republican supporters and were shown on the big screen during a salute to veterans. The crowd booed at Trump and subsequently began a cheer of “lock him up,” mimicking a cheer that was often heard at Trump rallies during the 2016 election, referencing Hillary Clinton. The article remarks, “The chilly reception, which came during a ballpark-wide salute to US service members, wasn't particularly surprising in predominantly liberal Washington, DC.”

A right-leaning article from the Daily Caller focuses on the reactions of the co-hosts of the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” which is typically a left-leaning program. Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi said that the response  was “sickening,” and condemned the use of the “lock her up chant” in any context. The article reports that Scarborough said that the chant is “un-American” and started with Trump making it a centerpiece of his rallies. 

A centrist NPR article reports that Trump appeared unfazed by the chants even when, later in the game, fans unfurled a sign saying “VETERANS FOR IMPEACHMENT.” The article also notes that the president told reporters that he was uninterested in throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the game, which is traditional whenever a sitting president attends a baseball game. Trump said that the bulletproof vest he would have to wear to throw the pitch would be too bulky and cumbersome; instead, the article notes that Spanish-born restaurateur and Trump critic José Andrés threw out the first pitch.