Associates of Guiliani Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

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Two foreign-born businessmen, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, associated with President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani were arrested on Thursday.

According to prosecutors, the men were arrested on federal charges of conspiring to funnel foreign money to U.S. political candidates. Guiliani said he previously worked with Parnas and Fruman in an attempt to get Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Among a plethora of other wrongdoings, Parnas and Fruman are “accused of criminal violations of laws that promote transparency in U.S. elections, as well as conspiracy to defraud the United States,” according to Reuters

The New York Times published a left-leaning article that centers on the subpoena of Rick Perry, the energy secretary, as well as Parnas and Fruman. According to the article, the Demoractic chairmen in charge of the inquiry demanded that Perry turn over any documents that would “shed light on President Trump’s attempts to pressure the Ukrainian government to open corruption investigations” against Biden and his son. Additionally, investigators are curious as to whether Perry “tried to influence the management of Ukraine’s state-owned gas company.” In regards to Parnas and Fruman, NYT reports that investigators are interested in records related to work with Guiliani. 

A centrist article from NPR highlights the arrest of Parnas and Fruman and the charges brought against them. According to the indictment, the two men each face two counts of conspiracy and one count of false statements and falsification of business records. The indictment asserts that the men "conspired to circumvent the federal laws against foreign influence by engaging in a scheme to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal and state office so that the defendants could buy potential influence with candidates, campaigns, and the candidates' governments." 

A right-leaning article from Fox News details the circumstances under which the two men were arrested. According to Fox News, less than 24 hours before they appeared before a judge on violations of campaign finance, the two men attempted to board an international flight with one-way tickets out of Dulles International Airport outside Washington D.C. Parnas and Fruman were “mostly silent” in their appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Nachmanoff, who set their bond at $1 million each. Fox News reports that the next hearing is scheduled for October 17 in the Southern District in New York.