New Revelations in Impeachment Inquiry

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Win McNamee/Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 1067 news articles covering this topic. 61% (647) are left leaning, 33% (347) center, 7% (73) right leaning.

On Thursday, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told reporters that President Trump’s decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine was linked to his desire to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, providing Democrats with more evidence for impeachment. Right-leaning articles tend to portray Democrats as single-mindedly fixated on impeachment, while left-leaning articles argue that the new revelation further implicates the president and centrist articles report on Trump’s reactions to the proceedings.

Fox News ran a right-leaning column by Republican Representative Ken Buck arguing that the closed-door impeachment hearings are unfair and should be made public. Buck claims that the Mueller investigation proved that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia in the 2016 election; however, the results of the investigation were inconclusive but did not exonerate the president. Buck also argues that “Democrats are selectively disseminating information from these closed-door proceedings to unfairly characterize President Trump’s actions.”

A left-leaning Reuters article published in the New York Times focuses on the revelations from Mulvaney’s press conference. The article reports, “After weeks in which the president argued that he had done nothing wrong, Mulvaney's comments, which he later sought to walk back, seemed to undermine the core arguments that Trump and his advisers have made against the effort to oust him from office.” Mulvaney and Trump argue that there was no quid pro quo involved in Trump’s request that Ukraine investigate Biden; however, Mulvaney’s comments linking the aid and the request provide fuel for Democrats’ efforts at impeachment.

A centrist article from The Hill summarizes Mulvaney’s remarks and notes that this is the first time that any administration official has contradicted Trump’s denials of a quid pro quo. The article also reports that Trump’s approval rating has dropped 2 points in the last quarter, leaving it at 40.7 percent approval.