Impeachment Inquiry Continues: Bolton Concerned by Giuliani's Activities

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Carlos Barria/Reuters


We ran the numbers: There are 1571 news articles covering this topic. 46% (722) are left leaning, 40% (630) center, 14% (219) right leaning.

On Tuesday, House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment investigation revealed that former national security advisor John Bolton was concerned about Rudy Giuliani’s actions in Ukraine. Left-leaning articles tend to focus on the extent of the Trump White House’s unorthodox decisions regarding Ukraine, while right-leaning articles highlight Republican leaders’ reactions to the ongoing impeachment proceedings and centrist articles consider the state of the US-Ukraine relationship leading up to this month.

A left-leaning article from the Washington Post claims that the witness reports that Congress has heard in their investigation so far paint a picture of a White House divided not just over Ukraine policy but over foriegn policymaking in general. The article reports that Bolton was infuriated by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A right-leaning Daily Caller article also reports that Bolton was not happy with the Trump administration’s relationship with Ukraine. The article also reports that “based on a scoop at the Daily Beast today Trump believes Bolton has been behind some of the Ukraine leaks.” Other right-leaning articles focus on the role of the Bidens in the narrative surrounding Trump’s impeachment.

A centrist NPR article reports that Bolton was unhappy that Giuliani and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland were veering from traditional foriegn policy: “Together, Giuliani and Sondland seemed to be carrying out kind of a side foreign policy, not the one that was agreed to by the National Security Council.” For instance, the article notes, Giuliani helped to remove the ambassador to the Ukraine by claiming that she was disloyal to Trump.