House Seeks Evidence to Explore Impeachment

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We ran the numbers: There are 1600 news articles covering this topic. 43% (693) are left leaning, 40% (643) center, 17% (243) right leaning.


On Friday a US House panel requested evidence from the Mueller investigation that could potentially open up talks of impeachment against President Donald Trump.


The grand jury is seeking to file for permission to view all relevant evidence pertaining to the involvement of Trump’s campaign officials with Russian agents. Once this information is obtained, the House reportedly is looking to push the idea of impeachment forward. House Judiciary Committee Representative Jerrod Nadler stated that he would be going to court to get a subpoena for a testimony from former White House Security Council Don McGhan.


“The House must have access to all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full ... powers,” Nadler said at a press conference on Friday “including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity: recommendation of articles of impeachment.”


Right leaning sources such as The New York Post focused on the flaws in the House Democrats’ push for impeachment proceedings, calling it a “fever” and outlining the fact that “just 40% of House Democrats — a growing number, but not a majority — support impeachment, according to a floor vote last week.”


Sources in the center such as US News mainly highlighted direct statements from Democrats at the news conference, including those supporting moves to impeachment such as Nadler, and Reps Escobar and Raskin. However, it also included Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement against taking immediate actions, that she “wants to make sure the House has the best and strongest evidence it can get before going down the impeachment road.”


Left leaning sources such as the New York Times assessed in detail the validity of the Democrats’ request to take impeachment actions, highlighting the major points of the Mueller investigation and its findings. The sources emphasized the Democrats need for a testimony from White House officials to proceed with the impeachment inquiry, and included the fact that “top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Representative Doug Collins, criticized Nadler's move.”