Trump Pressed Ukraine to Investigate Biden




We ran the numbers: There are 2356 news articles covering this topic. 70% (1648) are left leaning, 25% (578) center, 5% (130) right leaning.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that President Trump spoke with Ukrainian leadership in an attempt to investigate former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden. According to a whistleblower report, the President pressed the Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden’s son in an attempt to find political dirt against the candidate, who Trump has a good chance of racing in the 2020 general election. Trump has said that it does not matter what he discussed with the Ukrainian president and called the coverage of his conversation “another media disaster.”

The left-leaning Washington Post report explains in detail Trump’s attempts to work with Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son’s business dealings in the country, as well as the broader allegation that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. According to the article, “The descriptions of the call provide the clearest indication to date that Trump sought to use the influence of his office to prod the leader of a country seeking American financial and diplomatic support to provide material that could aid the president’s reelection.”

Fox News published a right-leaning opinion article that suggests that the whistleblower who alerted the media to the content of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president was an employee of an American intelligence agency. The writer argues that because the Constitution gives the president a broad mandate to conduct foreign affairs, the whistleblower may not have a legitimate complaint under the law. The article concludes “So, it turns out that the “whistleblower” may not be a whistleblower at all. But you will not hear that from the mainstream media. They are too busy lighting their own hair on fire.”

A centrist article from NPR focuses on Trump’s reaction to the whistleblower report. Trump called the report “ridiculous” and a “political hack job.” Trump claimed that the conversation was entirely appropriate. The article also notes that Biden has called for Trump to immediately release the transcript of his call with Ukraine.