Pelosi and Impeachment

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal


We ran the numbers: There are 4818 news articles covering this topic. 40% (1930) are left leaning, 41% (1993) center, and 19% (895) are right leaning.

On Tuesday, Congressional Democrats began to exert greater pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Pelosi, in turn, has pushed back against the demands from liberal Democrats, arguing that impeachment was a divisive step that should not be taken unless there were a compelling, bipartisan reason to go through with it. In a closed-door meeting on Monday, several members of Pelosi’s team confronted her with requests to open an inquiry, and on Tuesday Pelosi’s allies, such as Representative Steny H. Hoyer spoke out against impeachment proceedings. There are currently approximately two dozen supporters of impeachment in the House of Representatives. Several 2020 presidential hopefuls, including Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, also support impeaching Trump.

Left-leaning coverage, such as from the Washington Post, emphasized that the calls for impeachment come in the wake of several instances of Trump defying congressional oversight, as he urged members of his administration to ignore subpoenas from the House. The right, in contrast, emphasized the divisions in the Democratic party revealed by the impeachment debate. The centrist NPR discussed the divides among House Democrats in the context of the Trump administration’s efforts to impede investigations while they covered the growing number of Democrats that press Pelosi on impeachment proceedings.

Most of the coverage was from the center and the left, with relatively little coverage by the right.