Russia Denies Visas to Two US Senators

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 123 news articles covering this topic. 56% (69) are left leaning, 29% (36) center, 15% (18) right leaning.

Russia has denied visas to two US Senators who were planning to visit the country next week. Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Democratic Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut, along with Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah, were planning to meet with Russian officials and American businesses in the country. Johnson and Murphy have both been critical of the Russian government in the past. Despite continuing tensions with Russia, President Trump suggested last week that the country should be allowed back into the G7. Russia was left the G8 in 2017 after it violently annexed Crimea.

A left-leaning article from the New York Times focuses on the senators’ reaction to being denied entry. Both senators maintained their criticism of Russia’s aggressive international stance. Murphy suggested that Russia was further isolating itself by blocking their trip. Additionally, the article notes that a group of Senate Democrats have signed a letter urging President Trump not to readmit Russia into the G7. Headlines from left-leaning articles tend to emphasize that the planned trip to Russia was bipartisan effort and that Russia denied visas to both a Republican and a Democrat.

A centrist article from Reuters notes that both Murphy and Johnson are members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and have pushed for sanctions against the country. It also notes that although denying foreign officials entry is fairly unusual, “Russia has done so several times in recent years.” On the topic of Russia’s possible readmittance into the G7, the article says that other G7 countries have objected to the proposal.

A right-leaning Fox News article also notes the senators’ sustained criticism of Russian policies. The article also relates Trump’s desire to include Russia in the G7: “While his affinity for Russia has been questioned at home, Trump said Monday he'd prefer Russia be "inside the tent" rather than outside since so many of the issues the leaders discussed involved Russia.”