White House Expects Impeachment




We ran the numbers: There are 1873 news articles covering this topic. 56% (1049) are left leaning, 31% (573) center, 13% (251) right leaning.

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that the Trump administration expects that the House will follow through with impeachment proceedings. Left-leaning articles tend to focus on Grisham’s comments, while right-leaning articles emphasize the House’s Thursday vote to pass an impeachment resolution, and centrist articles consider what the inquiry might look like moving forward.

A left-leaning article from the Washington Post reports on Grisham’s comments. On Friday, Grisham said that the White House is prepared for impeachment to happen; however, she added, ““That’s something we’re expecting, but we can always hope the Dems will come to their senses. They know the president has nothing wrong.” The article also reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that the House has not made any decisions about whether to impeach the president. 

However, a centrist article from The Hill reports that Pelosi has said that the impeachment inquiry could extend to controversies beyond the Ukraine scandal. On Friday, the article reports, Pelosi would not rule out the possibility that obstruction of justice allegations against Trump contained in the Mueller report could come up in the impeachment investigation. The article also reports Pelosi’s assertion that public impeachment hearings will begin this month, after a series of closed-door depositions with current and former Trump administration officials.

A right-leaning article on the impeachment process from the Daily Caller reports that the House voted on Thursday to pass an official impeachment resolution, formalizing the impeachment proceedings. The article notes that the vote passed largely on party lines, with two Democrats and one Republican defecting. The article also describes the closed-door depositions as “secret hearings” and reports Republicans’ criticism of the impeachment proceedings as illegitimate and “a sham.”