Public Hearings on Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry to Begin Next Week




We ran the numbers: There are 1104 news articles covering this topic. 36% (400) are left leaning, 38% (415) center, 26% (289) right leaning.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee announced that next week it will hold its first public hearings for Trump’s ongoing impeachment inquiry. Left-leaning articles focus on developments on Trump’s impeachment inquiry, while right-leaning articles emphasize the White House’s stance that Trump did not engage in quid pro quo with Ukraine. 

A left-leaning article by The New York Times gives a rundown of the latest updates on Trump’s impeachment inquiry. The article reports that Democrats pulled their subpoena for Charles Kupperman, a former top national security official of Trump, but David Hale, the No. 3 official at the State Department, began testifying on Wednesday as the first administration official to appear at his deposition as scheduled.

A centrist article by NPR highlights commentary by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on the upcoming public hearings, which he believes “will be an opportunity for the American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves.” The article also pulls from the transcript of acting Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor’s testimony, where he said it was his "clear understanding, [that] security assistance money would not come until the President [of Ukraine] committed to pursue the investigation [into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter].

A right-leaning article by Fox News ran a right-leaning article highlighting that the White House maintains that President Trump did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukraine, quoting a GOP aide who said, “We're confident that the American people will see that there was no quid pro quo and no pressure on the Ukrainian government -- for anything.” The article also notes that next Friday, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who was “pushed out of her job in May on Trump’s orders,” will appear in public hearings.