Election Day Results Continue to Be Disputed

Paul Kuehnel

Paul Kuehnel


We ran the numbers: There are 2303 news articles covering this topic. 68% (1565) are left leaning, 28% (655) center, 4% (83) right leaning.

The results of Tuesday’s Election Day are still being analyzed and disputed. On Wednesday, Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin formally asked state officials for a recanvass of Tuesday’s governor race, where Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshare claimed victory by just over 5,000 votes.

A left-leaning New York Times article reports that the results of the elections in states like Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, reveal that voters in historically Republican suburbs contributed enormously to the victories of Democratic candidates. The article largely contributes this shift to President Trump taking office in 2016, implying that he spurred moderate voters away from the Republican Party, which is now defined by Trump’s hard-right views on issues such as race and immigration.

A centrist article by NPR reports commentary on Bevin’s request for a recanvass of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election. So far, Bevin and his campaign have provided no details about regarding election irregularities they believe took place during the race. The article notes that while recanvasses have been commonly requested in close races in Kentucky, they have rarely produced a different vote total, much less a different election outcome. 

A centrist article by conservative source Fox News focuses on the implications that Bevin’s loss in Kentucky had for President Trump, who campaigned in Kentucky on Monday to garner support for Bevin. The article notes that when the race started showing signs of a victory for Beshear, Trump began to distance himself from Bevin’s defeat, stating that if Bevin lost, it wouldn’t be because of him.