Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Entering Alabama Senate Race  

Paul Kuehnel

Paul Kuehnel


We ran the numbers: There are 1428 news articles covering this topic. 55% (780) are left leaning, 36% (520) center, 9% (128) right leaning.

On Thursday, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he was entering the Senate race in Alabama. In 2017, Sessions recused himself from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. 

A left-leaning article by The New York Times gives background into Sessions’ decision to run for Senator in Alabama, which was backed up by advice from dozens of associates and numbers from a poll he conducted that indicated he could win the race. The article states that Sessions has been an admired figure in Alabama Republican politics for forty years, and still remains popular despite Trump’s disapproval.

In contrast, The Daily Caller ran a right-leaning article with the headline “Jeff Sessions Endorses President Trump in Ad Announcing Alabama Senate Campaign.” The article highlights that although Sessions stated in a 30-second advertisement that, “The president’s doing a great job, for America and Alabama. And he has my strong support,” Trump has made it clear that he holds disdain for Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation in 2017.

A centrist report by NPR highlights the soured relationship between Sessions and Trump. Even after Sessions stepped down as attorney general, Trump continued to publicly mock him. The report notes that Sessions was the first senator to support Trump’s campaign, recalling praise that Trump gave Sessions early on. “We have a man here who really helped me. And he was the one person - I sought his counsel because he's been so spot on. He's so highly respected.”