Trump Continues to Clash with The Squad

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 752 news articles covering this topic. 37% (276) are left leaning, 39% (290) center, 25% (186) right leaning.

After facing a significant amount of backlash for his “go back” tweets, Trump was asked in an interview whether it concerned him that this tweet was racist and that white nationalist groups would further align with him, to which Trump replied he isn’t because “many people agree with him”.

This occurred just two days before a rally in North Carolina where the crowd was chanting “send her back”, attacking Omar specifically. Trump did not appear to stop the chant, though it is reported that he called the crowd “patriots” He later claimed that he did not agree with it and tweeted out against the “fake news media” that became “crazed” with the chants. These tweets were reportedly “the latest in an ever-escalating bout of name-calling between the president and the freshman Democratic lawmakers.”  While he distanced himself from the chants, Trump also called  Oman and the other women “anti-Semite bigots” and claimed that they “hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion.” On the other hand, Oman fired back, saying that she will continue to be Trump’s “nightmare”, claiming that he uses “facist rhetoric”. 

Two of the four women have since responded to these attacks and the events at the rally. Rep Oman posted a picture of herself in the U.S House of Representatives with the caption; "I am where I belong, at the people's house and you're just gonna have to deal!" Rep AOC tweeted "To all those scared for our future: we can get through this better than we started. We have the power to triumph over hatred, division, and bigotry. But decency cannot be taken for granted. It is something we must create, advance, and actively work to build each and every day."

Left leaning sources such as the Washington Post had a tendency to focus on the highlights of Trump’s words and actions since Sunday, specifically where he does not attempt to stop the chants and  directly slams the four congresswomen, whether in racist remark or follow up accusations of them being anti Semitic. These sources also focus more on the reactions of the women after the rally. Right leaning sources such as Fox News tended to focus on all of Trump’s words and actions since Sunday, from his initial tweets to his claims that he did not agree with the “send her back” chants and was attempting to distance himself from them. They have very little focus on the four women and only Omar and her supporters’ reactions are included in most of the sources. Center leaning sources such as Reuters gave unfiltered content from the rally and subsequent press conferences by Trump  to show the entire transcript and highlight both Trump’s side and the congress womens’ side equally. They also focused more on what the events that transpired meant for the upcoming election and how both Democrats and Republicans alike were opposed to the tweets.