Trump Attends G7

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alex Wong/Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 2279 news articles covering this topic. 13% (289) are left leaning, 43% (973) center, 45% (1017) right leaning.

President Trump spent the past week at the Group of 7 meetings in France, working with fellow world leaders to address issues including strife with Iran, the United States’ ongoing trade war with China, and the global climate crisis. Some of Trump’s most notable actions during the meetings included indicating that he would be open to a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, calling Chinese President Xi Jinping a “great leader” and stating that the two countries will resume trade talks, and skipping the G7 climate meeting in which leaders discussed how to address the fires still raging in the Amazon rainforest.

The interpretation of Trump’s G7 performance varied greatly between sources. A left-leaning article from CNN is headlined “Trump finds 'unity' after stoking confusion at G7.” The article suggests that Trump’s statement that there was “great unity” at the meeting seemed overly optimistic considering the continuing trade war with China and ongoing frustration that Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. The article also notes Trump’s absence from the climate meeting reporting that officials said that Trump views the meeting as a poor use of time he would rather spend focusing on the economy.

In contrast, Fox News published an article headlined “Varney: Trump 'dominated' the G-7 summit 'like no other president has done in years.'”  Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network claimed that "No matter what you read and hear from the media, this G-7 was all about Trump re-aligning the world -- reshaping the world economy with America's interests first and foremost.” The article focuses on Varney’s assertion that Trump’s time at the G7 meetings was successful in terms of improving the United States’ trade relations with China and Japan. The article also quotes Varney’s advice to European countries to “jump on the Trump train and quit whining about Iran and climate change.”

Centrist coverage from NPR reported that while Trump did indicate willingness to cooperate with both Iran and China while at the G7, the next steps for doing so remain unclear. The article calls Trump’s dealings with China “erratic,” as he has both pushed for stricter tariffs against the country and spoken concilitorialy of President Xi. NPR wrote, “President Trump said Monday that his door might be open for meetings with Iran's president and China's leader as he concluded his visit to the G-7 summit in France, but it isn't clear what if any action may come next.”