Trump Visits Mass Shooting Sites

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Zach Gibson/Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 4459 news articles covering this topic. 20% (881) are left leaning, 47% (2116) center, 33% (1462) right leaning.

President Trump made visits to El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio following mass shootings that occurred there this week. During his visit, Trump met with survivors recovering in the hospital as well as community members. In the aftermath of the shootings, Trump has been criticized by the left as having fostered a racist culture contributing to the white supremacy of the shooters. In response he has denounced white supremacist ideology–earning him praise from the right. 

A left-leaning article from the Washington Post reports local communities’ protest of Trump’s visits. For example, El Paso’s Representative Veronica Escobar noted on Wednesday that to meet with him would make her “an accessory to this visit,” something she wished to avoid.

Similarly, a right-leaning article from the Daily Caller also emphasizes the criticism and protest Trump faced on his visits. When he arrived in Dayton, the Daily Caller notes, Trump was greeted with a massive “baby Trump” blimp that depicted the president as a baby clutching a cell phone. “The ‘baby Trump’ blimp had a sign that read, “Welcome to Toledo Dayton! Don’t be a baby — Stand up to the NRA.” The word “Toledo” was crossed out as a reference to Trump referring to Dayton as Toledo, Ohio, during a press conference Monday.”

A center-leaning radio transcript from NPR summarizes the president’s comments about the shootings as well as Escobar’s criticism. Host Rachel Martin says, “Part of a president's job is to console the nation after tragedy strikes but also specific communities and the victims themselves. That's what President Trump will attempt to do today. This morning, he's in Ohio, where nine people were killed in a mass shooting over the weekend. Then the president heads to El Paso, Texas, which is trying to put itself back together after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart Saturday. Twenty-two people there have died.”