Beshear Claims Victory Over Governor Bevin in Kentucky Race

Albert Cesare/AP

Albert Cesare/AP


We ran the numbers: There are 2046 news articles covering this topic. 47% (955) are left leaning, 45% (911) center, 9% (180) right leaning.

On Tuesday’s election night Democrat Andy Beshear declared victory in Kentucky against Republican Governor Matt Bevin. All precincts in Kentucky reported that Beshear led Bevin by just over 5,000 votes. While left-leaning and centrist articles break down Beshear’s victory, as well as results from other key races, right-leaning articles focus on Bevin’s refusal to admit that the fight is over.

A left-leaning article by Politico highlights that Trump acknowledged at his Monday night rally in Kentucky that if Bevin lost, people will say that “Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world.” The article also reports that Republican Governor Tate Reeves kept his seat in Mississippi, which was another red-state race that Republicans fought to defend. 

A centrist article by NPR reports that while Beshear won in the race for governor, Kentucky Republicans won all other constitutional offices, implying that the result of the race might be more of a response against an unpopular governor, rather than a party shift. The article also reports that Democrats overtook the state House and Senate in Virginia, another key race in yesterday’s elections.

A right-leaning article byThe Daily Caller highlights that Bevin warned supporters on Tuesday night that he was not conceding the race “by any stretch.” The title of the article states, “Kentucky Race Too Close To Call.” The article also focuses on Bevin’s opposition to Beshear’s stance on abortion and in supporting transgender athletes in women’s sports.