Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

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Getty Images, iStock


We ran the numbers:

There are 925 news articles covering this topic. 57% (530) are left leaning, 37% (343) center, 6% (52) right leaning.

On Thursday, President Trump reportedly asked his aides about the possibility of the United States purchasing Greenland. This is not the first time the US has considered the possibility of buying the resource-rich country; in the middle of the 19th century and during World War II, US presidents made inquiries into buying Greenland from Denmark. Greenland is still owned by Denmark, but exercises significant self-determination and autonomy. In response to reports of Trump’s inquiries, Greenland’s foreign minister said, “We are open for business, not for sale.”

Left-leaning coverage from CNN recounts that Trump had repeatedly asked aides about the possibility of owning Greenland and noted that besides being resource-rich, the island is also home to the US’s northernmost military base. They write, “The radar and listening post features a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System that can warn of incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles and reaches thousands of miles into Russian territory.” Left-leaning headlines were generally straightforward, noting simply that Trump had asked his aides about the possibility of purchasing Greenland.

Centrist coverage from Reuters focuses on the responses from Greenland and Denmark to Trump’s idea. “Danish politicians on Friday poured scorn on the idea,” Reuters reported, with one former prime minister calling the notion an out-of-season April Fool’s joke. Centrist news sources also report that Trump had considered the idea, although some also focused on responses from officials and commentators.

Right-leaning coverage from Fox News also discusses the plan and Denmark’s criticism of it. However, they also focus on internal reports of Trump’s attitude from the Trump camp: “A Trump ally told the Associated Press on Thursday that Trump had discussed the purchase but was not serious about it.” They also report that according to advisers, Trump sees the purchase of Greenland as akin to the US’s 1867 acquisition of Alaska. Right-leaning headlines were, like headlines from across the spectrum, fairly to-the-point about Trump’s idea, although some noted that the purchase of Greenland had been discussed before.