Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Reconsiders Running for President  

Paul Kuehnel

Paul Kuehnel


We ran the numbers: There are 1496 news articles covering this topic. 50% (745) are left leaning, 44% (652) center, 7% (99) right leaning.

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to enter the Democratic presidential campaign this week and is preparing to file for the Alabama primary before the deadline on Friday. Bloomberg has considered running for president as a Democrat in 2020 before but ended up reversing the idea.

A left-leaning article by The Washington Post reports that Bloomberg’s possible entrance into the presidential election has been ill-received by Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Warren tweeted “Welcome to the race, @MikeBloomberg!” and provided a link to the impacts her policies would have on billionaires such as Bloomberg. The article states that Bloomberg has made the decision not to raise money for his bid if he moves forward, and might skip the first four voting states, putting more emphasis on the Super Tuesday contests on March 3rd.

A centrist article by NPR traces back Bloomberg’s political history, which includes being elected mayor in 2001 as a Republican, but then becoming an independent in 2007. The former mayor has heavily invested in campaigns for greater regulations for gun control and stronger environmental protections. The article also notes concerns that Bloomberg would split the moderate vote if he formally enters the race. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell stated, "The trouble is he and Joe would have the same effect that Elizabeth [Warren] and Bernie [Sanders] are having: It would make it difficult for either of them to get to 50%."

A right-leaning article by The Daily Caller highlights that Bloomberg’s decision to file for the Democratic primary is rooted in his increasing concern about the Democratic presidential field. The article notes that Bloomberg could pose as a problem for Biden, who the article describes as “a moderate struggling to raise cash.”