Trump Turns Attention to Black Voters  




We ran the numbers: There are 1156 news articles covering this topic. 46% (537) are left leaning, 31% (355) center, 23% (264) right leaning.

Looking ahead at his reelection bid in 2020, President Trump seeks to demonstrate support within the black community. While left-leaning articles dissect Trump’s history and relationship with black voters, right-leaning articles focus on African American support for Trump.

A left-leaning article by The Washington Post traces Trump’s history with black voters and surrogates. Amongst Trump’s most prominent African American surrogates is Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who introduced the president at a Black Voices for Trump campaign event at the Georgia World Congress Center. However, the article notes that Trump faces a challenge to garner support with black voters, where it was reported in a Washington Post-ABC News poll in late October that just 7 percent of African Americans approve of Trump’s job performance.

A centrist-article by NPR interviews Trump’s senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson, who said that Trump’s campaign wants to focus on Trump’s claim that under his policies there’s record low black employment. NPR also talked with Theodore Johnson of the Brennan Center for Justice, who pointed out that Trump did worse with African Americans than other Republican candidates like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Another centrist-article by AP News highlights that Trump is attempting to pit the black community against immigrants by claiming that Democrats care more for illegal U.S. immigrants than African Americans.

Fox News published a right-leaning article reporting that 42-year-old-musician and fashion mogul Kanye West encouraged black voters in the United States not to vote for Democrats at an event in New York City. Another right-leaning article by The Washington Times highlights Trump’s speech at his Black Voices for Trump campaign event, where he said, “Imagine if Democrats just put 10% of the energy they devote to attacking me and my administration to instead making this a better country for African American citizens.”