Trump Snubs Denmark Prime Minister Over Greenland Comments

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alex Wong/Getty Images


We ran the numbers: There are 1425 news articles covering this topic. 18% (261) are left leaning, 53% (749) center, 29% (415) right leaning.

On Wednesday, President Trump lashed out at the prime minister of Denmark, saying that she had made “nasty” comments about his desire to buy Greenland. The day before, he had cancelled a planned visit to Denmark as a result of the backlash over his inquiries into buying the country, which governs itself autonomously but is owned by Denmark. On Tuesday, Trump spoke conciliatorily about Denmark and said he was grateful to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen for her directness. Frederiksen called the notion of the U.S. purchasing Greenland “absurd.” In response, Trump said “I thought it was not a nice statement, the way she blew me off. She shouldn’t treat the United States that way. . . . She said ‘absurd.’ That’s not the right word to use.”

A left-leaning article from the Washington Post on Trump’s comments discusses all of Trump’s remarks during the Wednesday press gaggle, which they describe as “a rambling, 35-minute back-and-forth with reporters outside the White House.” Among other things, Trump defended his trade war with China, described himself as “the chosen one,” said that he wants to end birthright citizenship, and criticized Jewish Democrats. Most left-leaning articles focused on Trump’s description of Frederiksen’s comments as “nasty,” with some noting that like Trump, the Danish prime minister is also anti-immigration.

A centrist article from NPR focused on the responses of officials from Greenland and Denmark to Trump’s comments. For instance, “Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who served as Denmark's first female prime minister from 2011 to 2015, expressed incredulity. "Is this some sort of joke?" she wrote on Twitter. ‘Deeply insulting to the people of Greenland and Denmark.’” Others asked the president to show more respect, calling him “incalculable” and “Circus Trump.”

A right-leaning article from Fortune focuses on the implications of Trump’s decision to the U.S.-Denmark relationship. The article notes that Frederiksen has said that she does not believe that her comments were disrespectful and that she hopes the two countries can end their conflict soon. The article also notes that the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, attempted to smooth the ruffled feathers by saying that Trump “values and respects” the Danes.